Posted by: David Giacalone | January 26, 2010

flood watch along the Stockade (with 3 PM update)

At 7:30 AM, there was no sign that the Mohawk River would be cresting anytime soon along the Stockade. [As always, click on a photo to get a larger version and scroll over it for a description.] Nonetheless, by 11:30 AM, the River had overflowed its banks.  For instance, compare this view at 11:30 AM looking east from the Washington Ave. Dead End toward the Riverside Park Esplanade with the 7:30 view at the top of this posting:

[many thanks to Channel 10’s Steve Caporizzo for using the above photo at WTEN this evening]

. . . as you can see with our 3 PM update photographs, there was another big change by mid-afternoon:

. . . 3 PM Update:

Cucumber Alley had no flood water at all at 7:30 AM, and the backyard of 4 Cucumber Alley was dry:

But, things had changed a lot by 11:30 AM:

. . .

3 PM update (waters receded):

This is what the western end of Riverside Park looked like at 11:30 AM today:

. . .

3 PM Riverside Park update:

And here are two views from the rear of 16 Washington Ave., at 7:30 AM and then at 11:30 AM today:

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. .

7:30 AM

11:30 AM

3 PM update:

The view at the old Burr Bridge Abutment was a lot less dramatic at 3 PM.

. . . 

– 11 AM & 3 PM at the Washington Ave. deadend Bridge Abutment –

We’ve seen it before, but the power of the river and the speed of the ice floes at 11 AM (the height of the ice jam) continued to humble and amaze us along the banks of the Mohawk. You can watch the Mohawk River ice floes in a Gazette video taken by Jeffrey Haff, who also has a nice photo gallery posted at the Gazette website.

after-words: Three weeks ago we featured the three snowmen in the backyard at 4 Cucumber Alley.  The Mama snowperson is gone, and here is all that is left of the “Arthur” and “Miles” snowmen, as seen at 3 PM today:

p.s. The very first postings at this weblog covered the giant ice jam of March 2009.  Refresh your recollection here.  Click for all posting on ice floes, ice jams and flooding along the Mohawk here at the Schenectady Stockade.



  1. The Mohawk River came up on Ingersoll Ave about third of the way. Steve and Cathy’s house might have some water in their house if their foundation is weak. Right now we are out of the woods depending on what’s above us, Like Canada Creek East and West that above LOCK 12. Or out West. Your pictures are frighting. One of those pictures I was asked to paint for one our Emergency Mangers.

    • I’m glad the drama was over quickly yesterday. Does the public ever get to see your Mohawk River paintings?

  2. Yowza!

    • WOWZA, too!

      Thanks to our safety folk for staying alert and ready to act.

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  4. […] about the massive ice floes and debris left behind by last week’s Mohawk River flood (see our posting on Jan. 26).  The sights are well worth a stroll down to Riverside Park (but step carefully and don’t […]

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