Posted by: David Giacalone | April 9, 2010

our 2010 cherry blossoms

Our 2010 Stockade cherry blossom array reached its peak mid-week, with the greatest concentration on Washington Avenue, which has over a dozen blossoming trees.   Below are pictures from around the neighborhood (and you can find more in Thursday’s posting on “fog and cherry blossoms“).  As always, scroll your mouse or cursor over a photo to get a description, and click on a photo for a much larger version.

. . . Union St.. . .

. . Washington Ave.

. 27 Washington Ave. .

. . No. Ferry St.

. . . Front St. east of Lawrence

. . Church St. [L] and Union St. . .

Washington Ave. south of Front

. . Washington Ave. north of Front

16 Washington Ave. –

“14” Washington Ave..

After two decades living in Washington, D.C. with its Cherry Blossom Week and mature stands of decorative, blossoming cherry trees all over town, I moved to the Schenectady Stockade in 1988 thinking I’d never see cherry blossoms in person each Spring again.  So, it was quite a surprise when I realized a few years back that those skinny little trees on Washington Avenue had cherry blossoms every April.

Yes, I admit it, I’m once again spoiled with cherry blossoms.  To prove it, here’s the view from my front porch at the corner of Cucumber Alley and Washington Avenue:

. . .

a view of 7 Washington Ave. from up and across the street

. . . small tree at 15 Washington Ave. near Front St.

. . .

– glowing even on a cloudy day –

– looking south from my porch – 

– Don’t forget: There are more 2010 Stockade cherry blossoms photos in our “fog and cherry blossoms“ posting; also, go here for views of the 2008 Washington Ave. cherry blossoms, and here for the 2009 blossoms.

p.s. Like this other camera-laden pedestrian, it was a treat to stroll among the Stockade cherry blossoms on Thursday without giving a thought to that @#*&@ proposed Riverside Park dock.


  1. The Stockade Cherry Blossoms are beautiful and breath taking discribling them. What beautiful cards they would make to send —–“Thinging of You Today” or “Your’e in My Thoughts Today” or just to say “Hello. My Friend”. The Cherry Blossoms say Spring is Here.

  2. Hi, Helen, thanks for stopping by and spreading some Spring sunshine. I hope you’ve been doing well.

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