Posted by: David Giacalone | September 3, 2010

an 8:1 view of the Stockade

Bob Stern asked me yesterday if I had a nice shot that might be appropriate for the masthead of the newly-revamped version of the Stockade Association website, which is still a work in progress. He (and Neil Eklund) wanted an image with the dimensions of 1300 x 160 pixels, which meant the image would be 8.1 times wider than it was high.   With that aspect ratio, an interesting photo representative or evocative of the Stockade seemed like a tall (and wide) order.

[As always, click on a photo for a larger version and scroll over it for a description.]

First, I looked at photos already in my iPhoto album and was not at all satisfied.  Later, I took a very short stroll (in the 90+ degree heat) from Cucumber Alley to Lawrence Circle and snapped a few more.  As you can see, it may take a sharper eye than mine, with a wider-angle camera lens, to do justice to the Stockade and the header of the Stockade Association.

– you know this guy, who already graces a lot of Stockade public relations photos –

– the above shot would suit the masthead of “suns along the Mohawk” –

Please let me know (or — more directly — Neil Eklund or Bob Stern, who are continuing to work hard on reconstructing and improving the Stockade Association site) if you have any suggestions for an 8 x 1 view of the Stockade, or are already in possession of a good prospect.  Here are a few more examples from my first attempts over the past two days:

– good product placement? –

– my favorite Stockade corner (still waiting for those Historic District signs) –

– and a northward view in April from that same intersection:

. . . (click for the orig. photo)

– unobstructedly lovely; a nice shot for a dock-related posting or site (orig. photo) . . .

. . . here’s the same shoreline during a unique event last winter (orig. photo):

– – plus a little Stockade whimsy:

. . .

(click for orig. flamingo photo)

. . . delivering balloons for Walkabout 2009 (orig. photo) . .

. . and, finally, a tasteful detail:

. .

p.s. Many of our Stockade neighbors have already praised the new look and organization of the Stockade Association website.  Thanks to all who have worked on it.  I want to make it clear that I can take no credit for the site’s improvements to date, having done no work at all on it as of today, September 3, 2010.  I am, however, honored to have some of my photos posted at the site.

Supplement (Sept. 4, 2010): I took the above photo and the two below on Saturday afternoon, September 4, 2010:


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