Posted by: David Giacalone | May 3, 2011

cherry blossom farewell

.  . from April 27 to May 3rd .  .

– It’s only been a week, but our 2011 Stockade cherry blossoms are already almost gone. –

   This season’s blossoms lived up to their symbolic message about beauty and impermanence.  They may, however, soon be memorialized on the masthead of the Stockade Association website — as part of a series of photographs in rotation.  Until then, here are screen-shot samples of images of our 2011 blossoms along Washington Avenue, sized in the challenging 8.5 to 1 aspect ratio of the Association masthead. You can click on either sampler for a larger version.


. .

Naturally, the suns along the Mohawk archives will always contain the photographs posted here over the past week of our blooming Stockade neighborhood.  Start here.

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