Posted by: David Giacalone | May 22, 2012

Lawrence’s sojourn ends

follow-up (May 24, 2012): Lawrence is back with everything, including his feathers, in place –

   In true Stockade tradition, there was a lively discussion yesterday (May 23) through our email list over the positioning of Lawrence’s feathers.  Upright is the traditional position, but over the past few years, they have been “rakishly” askew rather than standing straight up.  A consensus formed that upright was right and tradition was important.  Click on the collage at the head of this paragraph to see Lawrence’s feather history since 2008.

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The legend-man who brought settlers back to the Stockade after our infamous massacre got a ride back himself today, as Lawrence’s statue was reunited with its newly-refurbished base. He was gone for a good reason, and it was only twenty days, but Lawrence was missed, and a small crowd waited in the rain for his circle to be complete.  Click to read about Lawrence’s trip (and the restoration project), and his night out at the VanDyck (with lots of photos, of course)

This slideshow is in chronological order.

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. . . back where he belongs . .

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p.s.  I wasn’t sure I would find Lawrence in his circle when I returned around 2:30 this afternoon.   Once he was in place, the restoration crew had to go back to the shop to get Lawrence’s forgotten bolts.  For a while then, Lawrence had the chance to wander again. He’s secure now, so we can be, too.

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