Posted by: David Giacalone | September 20, 2012

40 minutes and 40 photos in the fog

  This morning, I spent forty minutes (starting around 7:30) with my camera in Riverside Park as thick fog gave way to a sunny blue sky along the Mohawk River, here in the Schenectady Stockade.   The following slideshow presents 40 representative shots in chronological order as I strolled the Park.  It starts at the new entryway columns on the west end of the Park, goes east toward the Esplanade and then the children’s playlot, and follows the same route back. Along the way, I encountered flowers, a canon, dogwalkers (and Clifford), slides and swings, a man fishing in a boat, geese, foggy bridges, and more. Unfortunately, I was an hour late for the scene of a crew team rowing out of the fog.

    Each photo is also part of the Gallery at the bottom of this post.  As usual you can get a larger version of the image by clicking on the gallery thumbnail.

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  1. Hi, David,

    Thank you so much for those wonderful fog photos!
    You are a natural, as far as photography is concerned.

    I want more!

    Thanks again,

    • You must be grading on a curve, Professor. I hope you’re not this easy on your students. Thanks for the encouragement. Maybe I’ll send the 70 or 80 out-takes from this morning to your email box.

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