Posted by: David Giacalone | November 13, 2016

eponymously viewing Stockade-athon 2016


. . . Washington Avenue, Schenectady Stockade, 12Nov2016

In this webpost, you will find a celebration of Stockade-athon 2016 as it passes through Schenectady’s Stockade Historic District, its namesake neighborhood. The Stockade is the first designated historic district in New York State. The Stockade-athon, first held in 1976, “is popularly recognized as the oldest ‘major’ 15K road race in the USA.” Click for the 2016 Stockade-athon Elite Runners Roster (with BIB numbers); and for the Street Closing and Spectator Guide. You’ll find links to our previous coverage on our Stockade-athon Category portal page.  And, Schenectady Gazette reportage here.

Our Stockade-athon photos may be used for any non-commercial purpose without further permission from the editor of this website, David Giacalone, the photographer. If posted online, please credit “suns along the Mohawk” and David Giacalone, with a link to this posting.

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10:20 Teaser:

While I sort through over a hundred photos, I hope the images of the first men and first women runners in the Stockade will whet your appetite for more:



. . above: leaders on Washington Ave.: Louis Serafini [BIB 5]; John Raneri [BIB 2]; Dan Lennon [BIB 4]; Omar Boulama [BIB 6]. update: The top two event winners were Louis Serafini and John Ranieri, with Jake Sienko in 3rd, Dan Lennon in 4th, and John Busque in 5th.


img_2383-001 . . first Women’s seed, Hannah Davidson [BIB 1, last year’s winner], was the first woman into the Stockade; she won her division in 52:24.

img_2387-002 . . . img_2388-001 . . [R] Katie O’Regan [in pink, BIB 22, finished 4th in the Division, in 57:03] was apparently too fast for my lens! (Sorry, Katie. I definitely shouldn’t wave while taking a photograph); [L] late entrant Brittany Winslow [BIB 1468, finished 2nd, in 56:39]; 

img_2392-001 . . . img_2396-002

. . [L] Katie Messina [BIB 25, finished 5th]; [R] Mollie Turner [BIB 24, finished 3rd]; Susan Hay [BIB 43, 1979 Winner]; Erin Corcoran [BIB 34]

RESULTS : The Albany Running Exchange reports that the Top Five Men’s Division winners are: First Place – Louis Serafini [BIB 5, Brighton MA, in 45:23]; 2nd Place – John Ranieri [BIB 2, New Fairfield, CN, in 45:30]; 3rd Place – Jake Sienko [BIB 3, Woonsocket, RI]; 4th Place – Daniel Lennon [BIB 4, Morrisonville, NY]; 5th Place – John Busque [BIB 50, Manchester, CN]

In the Women’s Division, Hannah Davidson finished in First Place, and Brittany Winslow in 2nd. Mollie Turner was 3rd; Katie O’Regan was 4th; and Katie Messina 5th.

The best place to get and search for race results, by place, age, name, gender, division, home city, etc., is still The Albany Running Exchange.

The Main Event

The following Slideshow has about 75 photos in random order, which were taken in the Stockade as the 2016 Stockade-athon runners streamed past me coming down Washington Avenue and entering Riverside Park, along the Mohawk River. Thanks to all the runners — whether elite or “pedestrian” — for keeping us inspired.

  • For a larger version of a slideshow image, pause the slideshow, right-click on the image, and choose Open Image in New Tab.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  • Note: Below, I have singled out some of my favorite images from the Slideshow. Unfortunately, while I was in the Park taking photos, my stationery camera at Cucumber Alley stopped its video movie after only 43 seconds (all before the lead car even arrived), so I cannot grab frames from it to create my planned second slideshow.









two latecomers persevere long after other runners left the Stockade



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