Posted by: David Giacalone | June 29, 2019

surreally good fireworks on the Mohawk



“JJ” Fireworks

Yesterday’s 2019 version of the Jumpin’ Jack’s pre-Independence Day Fireworks proved again that photo-realistic images of fireworks are not my forté. Rather than bemoan that fact, I am going to celebrate the fun and often lovely designs that I inadvertently created again last night from the Stockade riverbank near Cucumber Alley. For example, see the image to the right, which seems to prove that my shorthand name of “JJFireworks” for these annual photoshoots at the end of Cucumber Alley and across from the Isle of the Cayugas is spot on.

This photo, taken about 9 PM, shows the canvas for last night’s accidental pyrotechnic creativity:


You should recognize the scene here:


. . and, here (click on a photo for a larger image):


. . and, it is only a little more obscure in next couple of shots:

IMG_1420 . .


But, there are large and small details from that “canvas” that may be a little harder to place:




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A favorite benefit for me of the shooting from the river-end of Cucumber Alley has always been capturing the exploding fireworks and its reflection in the Mohawk River, in the south channel between the Isle of the Cayugas and the Stockade shoreline. Last night, however, the vegetation at the end of Cucumber Alley had grown too tall from Spring rains to allow me to see the reflections from ground-level. So, I moved next door to the rear yard of 10-16 Washington Avenue, where lost trees and bushes left an open view of the River. This mosaic shows several more images featuring river reflections. Click on a tile to see a larger version:



IMG_7836  . . Note: On July 6, 2018, I posted my first batch of “artsy fireworks mistakes,” after shooting at the Rivers Casino fireworks from Riverside Park. They are rather dramatic and are still my favorites. Please take a look. (example to the right)

This slideshow features other surreal images from last night’s Jumpin’ Jack’s show on June 28, 2019 that were colorful, lively surprises I did not want to die on the virtual cutting floor.

  • As with our other slideshows, you can see a larger version of one of the images by pausing on the image; right-clicking on the photo, and then choosing Show Image in a New Tab. 


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Our traditional, sincere thanks to all the folks at Jumpin’ Jack’s for giving us this fine event again this year.

. . Western Gateway Bridge:





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