Posted by: David Giacalone | October 27, 2009

giant jack-o-lantern haunts Riverside Park

giant jack-o-lantern floating near Riverside Park, Schenectady Stockade, between Governor's Lane and the Pump House - 27Oct09

– seen floating above Riverside Park near Governor’s Lane –

Around 9 P.M. this evening, I spotted the giant jack-o-lantern pictured (poorly) above, while I was standing in the parking area and on the paved path at the end of Governor’s Lane, in Riverside Park.   Facing away from the River, toward Front Street, the apparition was looming beyond the brick wall that runs from Governor’s Lane toward the Pump House.

jack-o-lantern seen floating above Riverside Park - 27Oct09 . . . here’s another view [click to enlarge]

As you can see, I have not learned how to take night photos (except for fireworks), and my hand was shaking so much that Image Stabilization could not compensate.  If you can get a better image over the next few nights, please let me know.  (I’d be happy and grateful to post it.)  Of course, I hope anyone who has clues, information, or hypotheses to help solve the mystery of the Great 2009 Riverside Halloween Pumpkin, will leave a Comment to enlighten us.


  1. Boooooooooooo!

    • Are you sure you want to be booing a giant, floating pumpkin? Risky move, BE.

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