Posted by: David Giacalone | October 25, 2009

a blue heron on a gray Saturday on the Mohawk

Blue Heron on a branch in the Mohawk River floats past 1 Cucumber Alley, Schenectady Stockade - 24Oct09

– Blue Heron floats past the Isle of the Cayugas, Saturday afternoon, Oct. 24, 2009 –

.. Yesterday was dreary and gray, with quite a bit of rain.  But, a break in the rain around 5 P.M. left the Mohawk River a beautiful surface for reflecting autumn foliage and for one “peeping” tourist to float by the south side of the Isle of the Cayugas and the Schenectady Stockade.   His visit was memorialized in this sequence of photos (beginning with the one at the top of this posting), taken from my backyard, behind 16 Washington Avenue.  [as always, click on a photo for a larger version]

blue heron on the Mohawk along the Schenectady Stockade - 24Oct09 . . .


blue heron floats past the rear of 16 Washington Ave., Schenectady Stockade  - 24Oct09

. . .

Blue heron contemplating liftoff along the Isle of the Cayugas, Mohawk River -24Oct09


. . .

Blue Heron takes off from its branch after floating past Isle of the Cayugas - 24Oct09

– the blue heron takes off from its floating branch in the Mohawk near the Isle of the Cayugas –

unoccupied branch after the blue heron departs - 24Oct09

– one branch now available for a Saturday tour of the Mohawk River –

south side of the Isle of the Cayugas reflected in the Mohawk River - 24Oct09

– still worth a picture even with no blue heron in sight –


  1. Hope for this sometimes sorry world…

  2. Thank you. I see them across the river from time to time and always enjoy all the beautiful wildlife in our neighborhood.

    • Hi, Connie. You are very welcome. This might be the bird that seems to spend a lot of time on the Isle of the Cayugas. Maybe it wanted to see its domain from a different perspective.

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