Posted by: David Giacalone | October 21, 2009

still waiting for those fall colors

Waiting for the fall foliage to peak - the Stockade's Lawrence the Indian 16Oct09 . . .  crew teams practice near Western Gateway Bridge and the Isle of the Cayugas - 20Oct09

Like my buddy Lawrence, I’ve been standing around waiting for the fall foliage to reach its peak of color here in Schenectady’s Stockade District and along our Mohawk River waterfront.  (more of Lawrence patiently waiting here).  It’s the third week of October, I’m surely more impatient than Lawrence, as I lug my camera around our ‘hood, looking for autumnal beauty.

Isle of the Cayugas and Mohawk River seen from 16 Washington Ave. backyard - 20Oct09 . . . Lawrence the Indian waits for the fall foliage peak - 16Oct09

October 20th, but Isle of the Cayugas is still mostly green

Of course, there already are quite a few examples of autumnal reds, yellows and oranges on trees and vines around the Stockade.  So, I decided to snap a few pictures and share them with others who feel they’ve had to wait too long for the climax of autumn’s annual show. [scroll on a picture for a description; click on it for a larger version]

red-leafed tree at So. Church St. in parking lot of Knights of Columbus - 20Oct09 . . . south side of Knights of Columbus building with parking lot and tree - 20Oct09

you can’t miss this tree on So. Church St. alongside the former Knights of Columbus building

tree next to 5 So. Church St, Schenectady, Oct. 20, 2009 . . . glowing yellow leaves in front of Schenectady Civic Players, So. Church St. - 20Octo09

two more So. Church St. trees in the noonday sun – October 19, 2009

Three views on Washington Avenue, late afternoon, Oct. 20, 2009:

27 Washington Ave., Schenectady Stockade - autumn vines Oct. 20, 2009

a view down toward the deadend and River from 15 Washington Av. - 20Oct09 . . . . mottled tree behind the Historical Society and 26 Washington Ave. - 20Oct09

While I procrastinated a day or two in posting these photos, many of the late-changing leaves went from green to yellow along the streets of the Stockade, but we haven’t quite reached our peak.  I’m hoping to get a few shots along the Mohawk before the colorful leaves fall off the trees.

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