Posted by: David Giacalone | July 26, 2011

a lovely evening for the 2011 neighborhood picnic



. . .  picnic traditions . . . 

 Severe thunderstorms came early enough today to leave a gorgeous, sunny, mild evening in Riverside Park for the 2011 Stockade Neighborhood Picnic.   The picnic was again “happily sponsored by the Stockade Neighborhood Watch with assistance from the Stockade Association”.  Many thanks to Beverly, Linda, Carol, Mary and everyone else who organized and labored on this neighborly event, and to all who contributed and attended.  And, thanks to the mosquitoes for staying home.

. . I got there too late to see the dinner crowd (and share a hotdog with Devin), but not too late to catch neighbors playing, schmoozing, and snoozing in pre-sunset lights and shadows.  The slideshow gives you a small taste of the event.  If anyone wants a larger version of any of the pictures, let me know.


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