Posted by: David Giacalone | July 1, 2011

a Stockade view of the 2011 Jumpin’ Jack’s fireworks


It was a lovely night and an enjoyable show over Scotia and the Mohawk. Thanks to the folks at Jumpin’ Jack’s and the other sponsors.

 . . .

 – the slideshow was shot from the end of Cucumber Alley, across from the Isle of the Cayugas – in the Schenectady Stockade; each photo is also presented in the Gallery at the bottom of this posting and you can click on a Gallery photo for a larger version –

update: Click here for our coverage of the 2012 fireworks

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


. here are some of my favorite bursts and blossoms (click on it for a lager version):

 . . .


 . . .



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Click on any photo in the Gallery below for a larger version. You may use any photo for a  noncommercial purpose.


If you need to see even more Jumpin’ Jack’s fireworks, try our 2009 posting “Jumpin’ Jack’s from the Stockade” and our 2010 version, “fireworks 2010: jumpin’ and shakin’“, which were taken sans tripod, with some interesting results.


  1. Nice pictures, David! Thanks for clarifying the island name, too.

    • Many thanks, Jamie. I’m glad to be able to spread the word on the Isle of the Cayugas.

      • My cousin told me that he remembered going out to the Isle to visit some Italian farmers who were growing tomatoes and other vegetables. This was in the 1950s. Whose property is the Isle now? Is it still available for farming?

  2. They look beautiful! Fireworks are not easy to photograph.
    Happy 4th Uncle! xo

    • Many thanks, First Niece. The compliment is especially nice coming from a graphic and fine artist like yourself (even if you are a little biased). I hope you’re going to see a good fireworks show, too, down in Calabash.

      It’s a good thing my camera has a Fireworks mode. My usual shooting on Auto would not cut it.

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