Posted by: David Giacalone | September 22, 2011

foggy doggy morning

 . . . Heavy fog had me rushing out the door with my camera yesterday a little after 7 AM.    As far as I can tell, catching the fog at just the right stage to make interesting photos is a matter of luck and patience; I had more of the former than the later yesterday.  My first stroll in the neighborhood found Lawrence the Indian already clear-headed.  So, I hurried down to Riverside Park, where the Mohawk River was still totally-obscured, with the Park itself being revealed eerily as the fog lifted.

  . .

As has happened before (see this photo and that one from a webpost exactly two years ago today), the playlot critters and structures helped me show just how “disappeared” the River was around 7:30 AM.  Only a few neighbors, including two dog-walkers, got to view the fog curtain over the Mohawk while I was there, so I’m sharing a few shots with you here at suns along the Mohawk..

 When I returned around 8:30, after enjoying a a second mug of coffee, I was a bit late, and the River had only a slight mist over it, leaving little to work with for creating photographic magic.

In this Slideshow, there are a dozen images from my foggy photo-shoot on the penultimate day of summer.   I’ve put the same photos in a Gallery at the bottom of this posting; scroll over any image in the Gallery for a description, and double-click on it for a (more revealing) larger version.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



  . . . 

– compare the view of the River and slide on Sept. 8, after tropical storm Lee (L), and Sept. 21, 2011 –



  1. Hi David,
    Would you tell me the exact location of that swing set? I would love to take pictures of it.
    Monica Hoenig

    • Hello, Monica. This little play lot along the Mohawk in Riverside Park is at the end of North St. in the Schenectady, NY, Stockade neighborhood. I’ll drop you an email message, if you’d like to contact me for more information. Thanks for your interest.

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