Posted by: David Giacalone | September 25, 2011

walking into history

 . . .

– doff & curtsy for a classy Stockade Walkabout –

. .    . . September 24, 2011


  The 52nd Annual Stockade Walkabout offered “A Walk Through History 1661-1795” as a way to celebrate the 350 years of Schenectady’s evolution from a Dutch colonial village to an American City.  I didn’t make it to every Tour or History Stop, church, or watering hole [see the Map], but I took quite a few photos, and you can see the ones I like the most in the Slideshow below.  As always, I apologize for not knowing everyone’s name.

Sincere thanks goes out to all of the people who worked hard on this special Stockade event — including organizers, directors, actors, storytellers, musicians, volunteers — and to the sponsors who helped make it happen.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


 . . .

– click to see a list of Walkabout sponsors & partners (L) and the Map of Tour & History Stops –

– for more Walkabout fever, see “Walkabout 2010 shines” and check out our connection to WMHT’s Our Town Schenectady


 You’ll find almost all of the pictures above in the following Gallery.  Click on an image for a larger version.


  1. […] Schenectady Heritage Weekend/Stockade Walkabout 2011 By bobstern, on September 13th, 2011 Thanks to all who organized, participated and attended this year’s event. Here are some photos of the walkabout: Walking into history […]

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