Posted by: David Giacalone | September 28, 2011

a special sunset after the Walkabout

While sorting through my Walkabout 2011 photos Saturday evening (see “walking into history,” September 24, 2011), I glanced out my bay window to see some promising sunset colors reflected in the Eastern sky.  Since I’ve been neglectful of Stockade sunsets this year, I took my camera outside for the fourth or fifth time that day.  A fiery tree on the riverbank in our backyard first grabbed my attention, and then the entire western sky and its reflection in the Mohawk.

The photos in this webpost were taken from the sidewalk between 10 and 16 Washington Ave., near Cucumber Alley, and from the rear of 16 Washington Avenue, near Cucumber Alley.  I only took 6 pictures, and liked 5 of them enough to share here.  The colors have not been intensified.  It was a very special ending to a historic Walkabout kind of day.

 . . .

– as always, click on a photo for a larger version –


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