Posted by: David Giacalone | December 17, 2011

shooting “Stars” in the Park (updated)

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– “Hazel” & “Augustus” from “The Fault in Our Stars“, the upcoming novel by John Green, on the Riverside Park swing-set –

update: click to see the resulting book trailer from Penguin Young Readers –

follow-up (Feb. 5, 2014) the blockbuster book is being made into a 20th Century Fox movie (Official website) to be released June 6, 2014. Click for the Movie Trailer.

A photoshoot for best-selling author John Green‘s upcoming teen-romance novel The Fault in Our Stars  (Dutton Juvenile, January 10, 2012) took place as promised this afternoon at the swing-set in the Stockade’s Riverside Park.  I’m pretty sure that producer Stacie and her crew, including the models representing the novel’s two young lovers, felt the swings, the Park, the Mohawk, and the CSX train trestle made their drive from New York City well worthwhile.  The return of cold, blustery weather made their hours in the Park a little frosty.

The scene from the book that will be represented by the photo images to be used in the resulting PR material is a March day in the Mid-West.  I think our snowless December scene will be a good substitute.

The crew, which had taken rooms at the Stockade Inn for staging their shoot, were eager to finish by the time I arrived around 4 PM.  My hands and brain soon became too cold to remember to get more names or information, but I’ll supplement this posting when I get more. If you click on the author’s name above, you can found out more about his prior books and awards and prior books (such as Looking for Alaska, An Abundance of Katherines, and Paper Towns). You can read about the plot and pre-order the book at by clicking here.

. . see my photo tribute to “our special swing-set” . .

Here are images from my shooting of the photoshoot for “The Fault in Our Stars.”  Below the Slideshow there’s a Gallery of the same pictures.  I’m glad Monica Hoenig found our swing-set through this weblog and pointed her comrades in this direction.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


follow-up (Jan. 4, 2012): Some interesting facts about The Fault In Our Stars (see Wikipedia) : Last June, on the day John Green announced the name of the upcoming novel (and before he had finished writing it), a combination of social media reactions by his fans resulted in an eruption of pre-release sales that put the novel in the #1 sales spot at both and Barnes & Noble.  See “Tweeting from a La-Z-Boy, an Unfinished Book Hits No. 1” (The Wall Street Journal Online, by Jeffrey A. Trachtenberg, July 1, 2011).  The WSJ article lists the many social media connections Green has in his “digital toolbox”.  Among others, they include 1.1 million Twitter followers, and more than half a million more at the video weblog Green shares with his brother, vlogbrothers.

TFIOS has, as of today, been on the Top 100 Best Sellers list for 130 days.  Also, B&N mistakenly mailed out copies of the book prematurely a few days before Christmas, and Green has asked that recipients not leak the content before the January 10 release date, so that his fans can all read the book together.  It looks like they have complied with the request.

update (January 10, 2011): Click for Green’s vlogbrothers video  The Fault in Our Stars Is Here Edition.

– Click on a photo in the following Gallery for a larger version; scroll over it for a description –


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