Posted by: David Giacalone | December 16, 2011

our special swing set

  It’s no secret that I’m often lured to the Riverside Park swing-set — for playing and shooting photos along the Mohawk River.  This week, our swings and park have been attracting attention from out of town, too.  Here are a few images that show why the swings are so special.

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A big Stockade welcome to the photo-crew from New York City! See photos and description in the posting “shooting ‘Stars’ in the Park” (Dec. 17, 2011) . . .


. . . and, there’s even a swing set for tykes who love to swing:

 .  .  .


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.. and find more shots of the swingset in the fog here (January 2012) . .


 . . . the swings were inundated by Irene floodwaters (Aug. 29, 2011; seen from the Western Gateway Bridge)

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