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the Stockade salutes Stockade-athon 2012

 Don’t miss our second posting “faces from Stockade-athon 2012” for about 70 more pictures with hundreds of faces (maybe yours).

 . . .

– above: my first and last photos of Stockade-athon 2012: signs inviting the runners back for a Stockade stroll when they “aren’t in a hurry” –

 As is their tradition, many residents of the Stockade Historic District came out to cheer the runners in today’s 37th Annual Stockade-tathon 15k (9.3 mile) road race.  All photos in this weblog posting were taken along Front St. or Washington Ave. in the Stockade Historic District.  Photos in the Slideshow below also appear in the Gallery at the foot of this posting.  Click on a Gallery photo for a larger version and scroll over it for a description.   You are welcome to use any image for non-commercial purposes.  If used online, please attribute photos to suns along the Mohawk.

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Race Results: Christian Thompson and Maegan Krifchin were the champs in their respective divisions today.  See Gazette Article (subscription required).  The complete race results (where you can also match BIB numbers to the names of entrants) are listed at the Albany Running Exchange.

The top four men’s places were: Christian Thompson (Bib 11); C. Fred Joslyn (Bib 12); Sam Morse (Bib 13); and Tim Chichester (Bib 2; last year’s champion).  The top four women’s places were: Maegan Krifchin (Bib 1); Jodi Roberson (Bib 3, last year’s winner); Sara Dunham (Bib 4); Dana Bush (Bib 7).

  . . .

– #1, women’s division winner Maegan Krifchin, at the halfway point; she talks about running with this group of men from this point in a Gazette post-race video. –

– every runner, from leaders to stragglers, deserved kudos and encouragement –

 – last year’s women’s champion Jodi Roberson near Lawrence; came in 2nd –

– two masters: #30 Tim Haley (L) and #10 Lori Kingsley (who placed 8th today) –

Go to our newer posting “faces from Stockade-athon 2012” for 40 more pictures with hundreds of faces (maybe yours).  And, click for the Gazette photo gallery, and the Times Union photo gallery.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

 . . All photos in the Slideshow above appear in the Gallery below.  Click on a Gallery photo for a larger version and scroll over it for a description.

.. Lawrence the Indian Circle – halfway point of the race ..


 For earlier Stockade-athon coverage here at suns along the Mohawk, click: 2009 posting 2010 posting; 2011 posting

p.s. Many thanks to John Splendido for linking to this posting at the TU Runners Blog and their Facebook page.  His links were instrumental in making today (Nov. 11, 2012) this weblog’s Personal Best day for page views.  Last year’s Stockade-athon date was our previous busiest day.


race preview (8:30 AM):

– flag carried up Front St. in the 2010 Stockade-athon –

Stockade-athon 2012, the 37th annual version of this 15k [9.3mile] race, takes place on Veterans Day this year. You can expect the streets of the Stockade neighborhood to be lined with cheering fans, flags, ringing bells, and (often tongue-in-cheek) welcome signs this morning.  Lawrence the Indian’s Circle is approximately the halfway point of the race and attracts the most spectators. We don’t have the gorgeous autumn foliage seen the past three years, and the sun hasn’t punched through the clouds yet, but that won’t stop the enthusiasm.

Check back here later this morning and through the afternoon for dozens of photos from today’s race, showing contestants running through the Stockade district.

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 And, visit the official Stockade-athon website, which has the 2012 Seeded List, and a Course Map.

See John Splendido’s list of reasons to love the Stockade-athon at the Times Union‘s The Runners Blog.

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