Posted by: David Giacalone | November 11, 2012

faces from the 37th Stockade-athon

For more than a hundred photos of the (38th) 2013 Stockade-athon as it passes through the Stockade neighborhood, see, plus people-watching

2012 Stockade-athon:

– at the Lawrence Circle – halfway –

 The major media concentrate on photos of the winners and frontrunners when “covering” any sporting event.  But, suns along the Mohawk is always intrigued by the array of emotions on the faces of the participants in the 15k (9.3 mile) Stockade-athon road race.  We can’t show you nor name for you all of the record total of 1,860 runners in today’s race.  But you’ll see a couple hundred interesting visages in this posting’s Slideshow and Gallery.  Hats off to all who participated in, and organized, sponsored or helped to run the Gazette Stockade-athon 2012.

For 50 action photos from the Stockade District segment of Stockade-athon 2012, see our earlier post “the Stockade salutes Stockade-athon 2012“.

 Each of the photos in the following Slideshow can be found in the Gallery at the end of the posting.  Click on any Gallery photo for a larger version.  You may use any photo for a non-commercial purpose.  If used online or in a publication, please attribute the photo to David Giacalone at suns along the Mohawk.  If you want more 15k people-watching, check out our posting “faces from Stockade-athon 2011“.

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. . . Click on any photo in the Gallery below for a larger version. . .


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