Posted by: David Giacalone | November 11, 2013

people-watching at Stockade-athon 2013

IMG_2828-001 . . .  IMG_2733


– there are hundreds of faces in this posting; who do you know? –

– Don’t miss our earlier posting, “Stockade-athon 2013 flows through the neighborhood“, which is a 40-photo look at many of the leading runners as they arrived at Lawrence Circle, the halfway point of the race.

You can find complete searchable race results, and identify runners by their BIB numbers, at Albany Running Exchange.  –

IMG_2836  The Stockade-athon is a real treat for a people-watcher, with more shapes and sizes and ages of healthy people streaming by in an hour than at any other time all year.   As I’ve done the past few years, I’ve put together a separate Stockade-athon Faces posting that has my favorite shots taken today as the Stockade-athon 2013 visited the Stockade.

IMG_2374-002 Because people enjoy seeing pictures of themselves, friends, and even perfect strangers attending an event, I’ve included a few slightly blurry photos that I liked too much to discard.  Fellow Stockade resident Stacey Lauren-Kennedy is a Schenectady Gazette photographer who once reminded me that being in focus is merely a bourgeoisie concept. Stacey inadvertently ended up in a few of my photographs today while she was covering the Race.  She is a good example of why I like being a people-watcher during the Stockade-athon; and, why I need to look a bit harder sometimes.

FacesCollage The images in the Slideshow can all be found in the Gallery at the foot of this posting.  You can click on a gallery thumbnail for a larger version of the photograph.

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– Stacey was people-watching, too –

IMG_2450 . . . IMG_2798

– above: runners on Front St. near Washington Avenue –

– bonus faces, too good to leave out (sure, they’re a little blurry, these people were running):


– click on the collage for a larger version –


IMG_2516 . . . IMG_2613

– serious and/or smiling –

 . . . Ed Salvo’s back for #34!



– click on the collage for a larger version –

– thanks to all for motion and emotion 

– Click on a thumbnail in the Gallery below for a larger version. Feel free to use any photo for non-commercial purposes; if used online or in a publication, please attribute photos to suns along the Mohawk and David Giacalone.





  1. Great pictures David.

    • No matter which pseudonym you employ, I always appreciate your kind messages, Mr. T.

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