Posted by: David Giacalone | January 16, 2013

easing into 2013

  .  early January in the Stockade  . 


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Although I’ve been moving rather slowly since New Year’s Day, the first half of January 2013 has rushed by me in a blur.  There were no monumental photographic events so far this Year in the neighborhood (or, perhaps, I missed them), but the Stockade, the Mohawk, and Riverside Park retained their customary charms, amidst foggy mornings, muted sunsets, and rich blue skies, and despite a number of overwhelmingly gray days.

The above slideshow has a couple dozen photos that eased me into 2013.  The scenes include a foggy Saturday morning around Lawrence Circle and in Riverside Park; near-sunset views of Gateway Landing and of a barge used in the Western Gateway Bridge construction project from the rear of Cucumber Alley and the end of Washington Avenue; plus, a bright holiday bear banner and an “over-amputated” tree on Front Street.

foggy morning view south up N. Ferry St. from the statue of Lawrence the Indian - Schenectady NY Stockade - 12Jan2013 11AM

collage showing tree in front of 101 Front St. in May 2012 and after National Gride cutting in January 2013 follow-up: On a less-pleasing note, National Grid has again been over-pruning our trees.  See “Residents upset after trees trimmed,” by Kathleen Moore, B3, January 18, 2013, online by subscription), and see my posting “more over-trimming by National Grid” for more information, including discussion of Assembly Bill A02300, which attempts to remedy the problem.  Let our Assemblymember Phil Steck know how you feel about this topic and the Bill.

Click on any of the photos in the Gallery below for a larger version, and scroll over it for a description.


p.s. Not far from the Stockade, Schenectady’s City Hall looked grand as ever, under a dramatic sky, January 14, 2013

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