Posted by: David Giacalone | March 22, 2013

a year ago we blossomed


– blossoms seen on Washington Ave. on March 22, 2012 [doubleclick to enlarge collage] –

YWCAforsythia22Mar2012 A year ago today, Washington Avenue surprised us with premature blooms on cherry trees, forsythia bushes, magnolia trees, daffodil plants, and more, due to a week of extraordinarily warm March weather.   We posted about the event in “early heat brings early blossoms” (March 22, 2012).  Today’s expected temperature high is 44 degrees lower than last year, when we had the record high of 81 degrees. Here are two comparison collages (double-click on each for a larger version):

comparison of cherry blossoms in front of 27 Washington Ave. in the Schenectady NY Stockade on March 22 of 2012 and 2013 . . . 

.  However,

CucAl19Mar2013b . . . CucAl19Mar2013a

it was a little chillier this week here in the Stockade –

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