Posted by: David Giacalone | May 6, 2015

blossoms 2015: thin but lovely


magnolias, the Mohawk & Binnekill – rear of SCHS – 28Apr2015

 Our too-cold and too-long winter has left us with one more insult: too few blossoms. Weekend hopes that the blossoms had not yet peaked, proved wrong. By Monday morning (May 4), it was clear that our Stockade cherry trees were already working hard sprouting green leaves, rather than producing blossoms.  All over town, there were fewer buds than customary on each branch of our cherry-blossom, magnolia, and pear trees, as well as forsythia bushes, yielding lovely but disappointingly thin or even scrawny displays. Nonetheless, I did capture what seemed at the time to be the early stages of our cherry blossom and magnolia arrays. Those “early pix” have allowed me to put together two Slideshows, one featuring Stockade images and the other taken at nearby locations, with photos from April 28 through May 4, 2015. Interspersed in the first Slideshow are scenes from 2013 taken at the same location, to contrast with images of 2015 “peak” cherry blossom displays.

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– above: more leaves than blossoms at 32 Washington Ave. (County Historical Society)

The following Slideshow has photos taken outside the Stockade neighborhood, with a street scene on Central Parkway, the weeping cherry blossoms at Congregation Gates of Heaven in Niskayuna, and the magnolia tree at the Scotia Library Branch on Mohawk Avenue.

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2015 . . . 2013

– above: trees between 10 & 16 Washington Ave. at peak: [L] 2015; [R] 2013 –

 If you are craving gorgeous cherry blossoms displays, click on these links to see Stockade blossoms celebrated over the years here at suns along the Mohawk:

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