Posted by: David Giacalone | April 5, 2017

watching the Mohawk

he Mohawk River is fairly high this week, including along its Schenectady bank, due to snow melt and rains, and there is a Flood Watch in effect the next few days along the Mohawk and Hudson Rivers and their tributaries. Currently, despite heavy rains expected tomorrow, Thursday April 6, the expectation seems to be for minor flooding at most. Check out the Mohawk River – Schenectady hydrograph of the National Weather Service for updates. The hydrograph screenshot below to the right was taken a little before 2 PM today, Wednesday, April 5.  (Click on it for a larger version.)

I will be posting photos in this webpost from Riverside Park, along the Mohawk, including the water gauge at the Park’s esplanade (near N. Ferry Street and the Pump House) and, if appropriate, from Cucumber Alley. The River photograph above is a shot of the esplanade and water gauge at noon today (Wednesday). It is at the 221′ level, three feet higher than at 6 PM yesterday evening. The water is not yet over the banks at the Park. The Weather Service shows the water levels for Schenectady, which are actually measured at Freeman’s Bridge, at around 218 feet this afternoon, and expecting to decline the rest of the day, before inching  up a bit due to heavy rains tomorrow.

. . above: looking west from the Esplanade, noon, Wednesday . .

This 39-second video clip give you an idea of how fast the water is flowing in the Mohawk. There have been many large tree branches in the River the past few days.


 This photo was taken looking east from the Esplanade toward the CSX train trestle, at about noon, Wednesday, April 5.

  • more photos will be posted here over the next couple of days, as we continue to watch the Mohawk.

9 PM update (Wednesday, April 5): The water at Riverside Park had receded more than a foot between noon and 8 PM, when I took this photo, with the water just below 220′ on the gauge:



. . SCaporizzoTwitter5Apr2017 and, thank you, Steve Caporizzo, for using my noon photo at the Esplanade on the Channel 10, WTEN, 5 PM newscast, and also tweeting it


DSCF2705-6Apr2pm . . update (Thursday, April 6, 2017): The water continues to come down (gauge shows the level just above 217 ‘), but heavy rains will surely mean an uptick tonight.


bench near west entrance of Park

 update (Friday mid-afternoon): The heavy rains Thursday night did bring the water levels back up along Riverside Park:

. . IMG_3476-001

. . Friday, April 7, 2017, 2:30 pm: Above: gauge just under 221′ at Esplanade,. Below: [R] Gateway Landing at Binnekill Creek; [L] west end of Riverside Park

IMG_3475-001 . . . IMG_3468-001


 It is a bit confusing that the Weather Service measures Schenectady Mohawk River levels at Freeman’s Bridge. Those levels tend to be 3 to 4 inches lower than along Riverside Park at the Stockade. The graph to the left, created at 2:45 pm, Friday, shows water levels at over 217 feet and falling since about 11 AM, with the trend consistently downward for the next few days. Water levels have probably also been declining at Riverside Park all afternoon. There is no reason to believe they will rise again significantly. And, so, this is my last Mohawk Watch Report for this high water episode.

Here are a few more photos taken around 2:30 pm, Friday, April 7, 2017, at Schenectady’s Riverside Park, along the Mohawk River. (click on each for a larger version)

IMG_3469-001 [L] Isle of the Cayugas seen from Washington Ave. deadMyend.  

. . IMG_3481-001 . . above: view west from Esplanade . . 

 . . IMG_3480-001 .IMG_3478-001 . IMG_3471-001

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