Posted by: David Giacalone | March 18, 2017

our 2017 mid-March snow storm


. . the view from my porch, March 16, 2017, Washington Ave. looking toward the River

March has had quite a few personalities in 2017, and we’re only half way through it. Many of us will remember March 14, 2017 as bringing the East Coast a major snow storm/blizzard, and leaving almost 20 inches at Schenectady. We got through it fairly well, with a “Casino Halo” bringing snow clearing crews to the Stockade sooner than in the traditional course of events. The US Postal Service cancelled mail delivery on the day of the storm in several zip codes, such as 12305, which includes the Stockade.

Esplanade-Riverside Park 14Mar2017

By Thursday March 16, we had beautiful blues skies, which continued on the 17th, St. Patrick’s Day, and into today, Saturday the 18th. The wind-chills on March 14 and 15 prevented me from staying out snapping photos for very long, and the blowing snow made visibility quite poor on the 14th, leaving the photo to the right as the only image worth sharing from the actual day of the storm. By the next day, enough vehicles and streets were cleared of snow, that the Great March Snow Storm of 2017 looked rather tame, as do the resulting photographs. The blue skies, sunlight and shadows on Thursday and Friday made for lovelier images of the Stockade in winter, and I hope you will enjoy the several dozen photos in the Slideshow below.

Before the Slideshow, however, I want to urge all those who have been a bit grumpy about the return of frigid weather and snow in mid-March, to play and frolic vicariously with Laura Harrison, our former Yogini in the Park. Laura made a 19-second video during the blizzard on Tuesday, captioned “You are NEVER too old to play!“, and posted it at her Facebook page, Laura Inspires

Besides being a yoga therapist and instructor in Schenectady, Laura is a social-emotional health educator. This little video clip is a great advertisement for her important notion that attitude matters, and can turn a blizzard into fun (even if you are no longer a kid).


. . you can see a larger version of any image in the Slideshow, by pausing it on the desired photo, right-clicking, and choosing Open Image in New Tab.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


. . Above: 1st Union College Dormitory, No. College St.; Below: Schenectady’s reputed “oldest house,”  at 109 Union Street (March 17, 2017)

. . Want more Stockade snow? Check out the gorgeous scenes from February 3, 2015.


. . Cucumber Alley 16Mar2017

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