Posted by: David Giacalone | February 3, 2015

daytime beauty after a snow storm



– Lawrence Circle in the Schenectady Stockade – 03Feb2015 –


  It was far too frigid out for both me and my camera yesterday, but the blue sky and calmer winds got me outside to visit Lawrence and the Christmas Tree this afternoon.  It was worth the effort.  I even brought back my new tradition from last year of photographing reflections of the Circle in the shiny, round tree decorations.  When done, I headed up Green Street and was ambushed by red hearts on the tree at 38 North College Street. I could not resist a few more shots after finding a parking space. (Thanks to Susannah and Mathias for sprucing up their tree for another holiday.)

This Slideshow has about a dozen photos from my outing today.  They are repeated in the Gallery below, where  a click on a thumbnail will get you a larger version of each image.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


coverValentineFlamingosOct2014 Speaking of romance in the Stockade, next week we will celebrate the first Valentine’s Day since I put together the photobook “Valentine Flamingos in the Schenectady Stockade“, which tells the history of our Valentine Flamingos from 2009 through 2014, in words and pictures. [Click the link-title to see the entire book with no obligation to buy; and, please, don’t pay the high Shutterfly retail price if the book captures you. See below.]

Over the decades, there have been several times I could have used the whimsy and beauty of the book as a Valentine’s gift for a special woman or child. If you’d like to please a Stockade spouse, lover, child, or friend with a Valentine’s Day memento, or show your Stockade charms to an outsider (in book form), I have a few copies that I can supply to a romantic of any age for my cost to print them ($22 each).  If interested in my three other Stockade photobooks, click here; they are also available at my cost.

On February 14, we’ll see whether the flamingo tradition continues, or if the flock passes us by.

IMG_7091. . . IMG_7112HandHeartW

– [L] Lawrence with a decorated branch of the 2015 Stockade Tree; [R] red hearts grace an evergreen at North College & Green Streets –

The Gallery below has each of the photos found in the Slideshow above.  Click on a thumbnail for a larger version in a Carousel, then scroll down to the Full Size Link.

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