Posted by: David Giacalone | December 2, 2018

a bright Holiday Tree Lighting

Here are images from this evening’s festive Lighting of the Stockade Holiday-Christmas Tree, and the now-traditional Afterglow get-together in the Great Hall of St. George’s Episcopal Church.

  • Warm thanks to the Stockade Association (especially Colleen, Susan, Susan, Susannah, Susie and Carol; plus Banjo Bob);
  • And to the New York State Tree Nursery at Saratoga, which again provided a fine tree. This year’s tree is tall and broad, and makes quite a statement next to the patient Lawrence the Indian.

 . . the Tree arrived from Saratoga on Wednesday, Nov. 28, with great promise, which was fulfilled this evening.

. . above: Bob Lemmerman (with banjo) led the caroling, accompanied by a stalwart guitarist Charlie Schneiderwind, and was joined too briefly by Hainuo [far right] and Concetta

. . see the 2017 Tree Lighting here . .

Afterglow in the Great Hall

. . above: The Strombergs were hosts (and liked my cupcakes!)

IMG_9791-001  . . IMG_9787

. . the Chilton Brothers provided music and song. . and Janice Thompson added her voice, along with Bob, Rev. Matt & Jamie

. . Susannah [L] and Mabel





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 . . 

. . above: David [L] and Colleen

. . Weiwei [L] and Concetta


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