Posted by: David Giacalone | October 12, 2019

an Upper Union celebration of autumn


above: display by Sophia Sabella Photography

           . . colorful autumn photo-ops, with unscary scarecrows. . 

IMG_2677-DDscarecrow . . img_2698.jpg . . UnionStVetHospScarecrow

. . above: Scarecrows by [L to R] Dunkin’ Donuts. DiCocco Accountants and Union St. Vet. Hospital . .

 . . tasty food opportunities, too, including [L to R below]: Alaturco Mediterranean Kitchen, Tesoros Cafe, and Needi Snacks:

Alaturco Meditterranean Kitchen



A bank of gray clouds failed to dim the colors, muffle diverse and enjoyable music, or totally banish the blue skies and puffy white clouds at the Upper Union Street 2019 Harvest Fest. I enjoyed by photo-stroll and chatting with friendly strangers.

This slideshow has a couple dozen photos. For a larger version of an image, pause on it, Right Click, and choose Show Image in New Tab. I hope you’ll enjoy the event as much as I did.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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NEFJ-prior&currentSigns p.s. A Sour Note: It was disheartening to see that, ten weeks after Northeastern Fine Jewelry was informed by the Schenectady Planning Department that the program on its large, bright, close-to-the-street digital screen was not in compliance with the City Code and its special use permit, the sign is still not in compliance. It is still changing more often than allowed by the Zoning Code and its Permit [no more than every 8 seconds], and using movement and gimmicks that make the sign even more distracting along your busy, mixed-use streetscape. Click here for a 44-second video clip that contains at least 10 changes. For more on this story, see the posting “Is anyone enforcing our digital sign rules?“.  [The image above shows the former, tasteful and effective sign and the current digital sign.]

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