Posted by: David Giacalone | April 16, 2020

2020 Stockade blossoms

IMG_1325COVID-19’s “NY Pause” has left me a bit restless and quite anxious to see our Stockade cherry blossoms, and other beautiful buds, pop. So, I was surprised to see, looking at postings in our cherry blossom category, that it has been ten years since I posted images of our blossoms in the first half of April, with most coming the last week of April and into May.


So, instead of impatient, I’ve decided to be quite pleased that on April 15 and April 16 we have lovely blossom arrays worth checking out and presenting here online. And, they should also fill out more for your strolling and enjoyment over the next few days.

. . when you have enjoyed this posting, and are looking for more 2020 Stockade cherry blossoms, see our “stoop shoot 2020” (April 20, 2020).

. . photos in this first set of square columns were taken on April 15, 2020, on a handful of Stockade streets; click on an image for a full, larger version; scroll over for caption . . 


IMG_1315 . . IMG_1279

. . above: [L] one of many birdhouses appearing recently at Riverside Park; [R] cherry blossoms in front of 27 Washington Avenue. .

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The images in this second set of square columns were taken on Thursday morning, April 16, 2020, on Washington Avenue, here in the Schenectady NY Stockade. Click on an image for a larger, full version.

IMG_1326 . . looking west past State St. to I-890 . . 

  • Wires-IMG_1331Public Service Announcement & Pet Peeve: The mangled mess of utility wires above our Stockade streets (and elsewhere in Schenectady) chronically annoys me. But, never more than when I try to show off our cherry blossoms and have to make believe they are not marring the scene. Our City Hall brags about its connections to the “smart” utilities. Couldn’t those smart brains in our Administration and Legislature join with the utilities to think of ways to wire our City in a far less obtrusive and more attractive manner? And, note that the lower the wires are strung the more we lose the tops (and centers) of our trees, even the cherry blossom trees.
  • p.s. This is a view of some of the wires directly out my second-story bay window at Cucumber Alley.


and from my front porch . . . IMG_1352

Finally, sincere thanks again this year, to chief meteorologist and Pet Connector Steve Caporizzo at News Channel 10 [WTEN] for spreading the good news of Stockade cherry blossoms to his many fans.


update (May 11, 2020): Late-bloomers on Washington Avenue.

cb2020-May5d  . .cb2020-May5

. . above: alongside 1 Union Street (May 5, 2020); below: Campbell Row, 19 & 23 Washington Ave. (May 11, 2020)


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