Posted by: David Giacalone | April 20, 2020

stoop shoot 2020

mourningdoveIMG_1192If you’re not getting out much due to COVID-19’s continuing NY Pause, you’re welcome to enjoy Washington Avenue’s 2020 cherry blossoms online with me from the front porch and stoop of 16 Washington Avenue.  The views in this cherry blossom Stoop Shoot are north down Washington Avenue toward the Mohawk River and south from Cucumber Alley toward Union Street, assisted by the zoom lens on my Canon. Now and then, the critter on the right and a sibling stop by and wait for mom to come for a feeding.



The photos in this Slideshow were taken in the early mornings of April 19 and April 20, 2020. When you let the Slideshow play on its own on your screen, it is a bit like porch-settin’ on a pretty April morning. As always, you can see a larger version of a photo by pausing the slideshow on the image, right-clicking, and choosing Open Image in New Tab.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


  • On April 16, 2020, we posted about thirty more photos of blossoms around the Stockade, see “2020 Stockade blossoms“.


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