Posted by: David Giacalone | June 27, 2020

summer brings spectacular clouds

doogiecloudSitUpDespite all the unsightly utility wires marring our streetscapes, I have been trying to look up more as I take my daily stroll around the Stockade, Riverside Park and (the real) Downtown Schenectady. One very big motivator lately: wonderful cloud arrays and display. I’ll be presenting images of them here, often in no particular order, with updates, individually and in collages. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have. (click on images for larger versions; image of the Good Doggie cloud to the left was taken June 22, 2020).


StGeoRainbow25Jun2020 . . St. George’s steeple with rainbow, June 25, 2020. .




. . above: looking east on State St. from Erie Blvd. . 



StGeoRainbow2 . . June 25, 2020, at St. George’s Episcopal Church on N. Ferry Street . . 



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