Posted by: David Giacalone | June 30, 2020

a sunset worth remembering

It is easy to get blasé about lovely sunsets when you live along the Stockade portion of the Mohawk River. But, a glance at what was happening up in the sky yesterday evening just as I was about to head home from a stroll downtown, got me to dig my little Fujifilm camera from my sack.

The results can be seen in this commemorative posting.






. . follow-up . . Then, two days later (July 1, 2020), just before sunset, a view of a very different hue grabbed my attention.




. . afterthought (August 1, 2020): And, the first sunset of August 2020 at Riverside Park gave us hope that much more beauty and inspiration is on the way.





  1. Aug 2, 2020… beauty, inspiration, and might I add serenity?

    • Hello, Shannon. Thank you for dropping in. Your “grandparents” had that great view centuries ago – serenity for free, if you let it happen.

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