Posted by: David Giacalone | October 10, 2020

colorful Saturday stroll


. . a music video was being shot near the River end of Ingersoll Ave. . .

This warm and sunny second Saturday in October, I really wasn’t leaf-peeping here in the Stockade, where lots of the trees are stubbornly staying green. But, light and shade amid occasional displays of yellow and red, left me glad I brought my camera on a late afternoon stroll. Friendly people in Riverside Park and splashes of color around the neighborhood turned it into a satisfying hour out and about.

I was so surprised by all the branches blown down in the harsh wind and rain storm two days earlier that I forgot to take any photos of the Park clutter. But, the sight that greeting me as I approached Ingersoll Avenue from the River — first seeing a small forest of black umbrellas on this sunny day — reminded me to start shooting. The top photo above records that scene.

Here are other images in the order I took them (left to right) on my way back up Union Street and then Washington Avenue to Cucumber Alley. Click on a square for a larger, full version of the image.

. . IMG_2322 . . the view at the rear of 32 Washington Avenue, the Schenectady County Historical Society, which overlooks the Binnekill (creek) is often worth a detour when strolling down the Avenue.

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