Posted by: David Giacalone | March 18, 2009

winter’s greatest hits (Part 2)

28Dec08 It’s only been a year since I started snapping sunset pictures.   Many good ones “got away” on nights when I decided to stroll the Stockade without my PowerShot or never got out at all.  On other evenings, I failed to do justice to the loveliness or majesty of the sunset — often because of poor timing, but also due to a lack of experience as a photographer.  One thing I can say for sure, however:

My very favorite photographic sunset experience took place on December 28, 2008, along the Mohawk River at and near Washington Avenue and Riverside Park. No matter what direction I looked, and through several sunset stages, the December 28th sunset thrilled my eyes, and left me wishing Ms. Right had come along to share it with me.

For instance:

this early-stage sunset view from my backyard:


. . . and, the only time the view southward up Washington Ave. seemed to merit a sunset photo . . .


. . . then, looking west from the path in Riverside Park, near Washington Ave.


. . . and, turning around for this shot looking east . . .


. . .  not to mention Sylvie Briber and Lollipop . . . sylvie&lollypop28dec08

. . . (click for Part 1 & Part 3).

p. s. The very next afternoon, a little before sunset, I took these shots from virtually the same spot in Riverside Park:

Riverside29Dec09E. . .




  1. Beautiful! Thank you.

    • Thanks for the kind words, mab.

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