Posted by: David Giacalone | May 8, 2009

tulips turn my head (updated May 12)

click or stroll down for photos from the May Stockade Spy

sunsetWashAv11May09V update (May 12, 2009): Last night’s sunset along the Mohawk was too good to miss, so I snapped a couple of shots from the Washington Ave. dead end, before being lured back to that bed of tulips.  E.g.:


. . .



. . original post (May 8, 2009) . .

sunsetEast07May09 My plan to enjoy the eastern sky at sunset last night was waylaid by a patch of tulips in Riverside Park.


.. some drama thanks to my flash:



. . . not that the sunset wasn’t intriguing:  sunsettrunks07May09


– here’s a tulip’s-eye view looking north toward Scotia:


. . .

– 2008 Stockade tulips can be found here at f/k/a

. . . finally, a whimsical haiga from MagnapoetsJF to close this post:


  1. i can’t remember
    his face or name…
    once my door opened
    to an armful
    of pink tulips

    Roberta Beary

    • Roberta, What a great way to start my day. A visit and tanka by you! Please come again.

  2. […] tulips stood tall just last week (see our tribute and some of the 2008 Stockade tulips), today you found Union College students bending and stooping, […]

  3. […] I did my best to include daylilies in my sunset reverie.  [You may recall my tulip-sunset posting from May.]  Granted, my photographic technique still needs some fine-tuning, but a few of the […]

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