Posted by: David Giacalone | May 16, 2009

Planting Day in Riverside Park

Jennifer Wells - Planting Day maestro The lovely floral garden displays in Schenectady’s Riverside Park may seem magical, but they do not get there by magic.   A very large part of the credit goes to Stockade resident Jennifer Wells, for the design, planting and continuous maintenance of the Riverside gardens, with the assistance of a few loyal helpers [see the update below for Jennifer’s thank-you list, which names names].  The plants are provided by the City of Schenectady parks department as well as private citizens (mostly Stockade neighbors).

Planting Day 09 a

This morning, Jennifer and other Stockade stalwarts organized the annual Planting Day at Riverside Park.  Along with a contingent of Stockade neighbors, more than a dozen Union College students toiled between 9 AM and Noon today (Saturday, May 16) to prepare the flower beds and plant may varieties of annuals.  [Daily Gazette photographer Marc Schultz stopped by to capture images and names; his photo appears on B4 of the May 17, 2009 Sunday Gazette.]

Where tulips stood tall just last week (see our tribute and some of the 2008 Stockade tulips), today you found Union College students bending and stooping, as they weeded and prepared the bed for a new round of plantings.

Planting Day 09 c

. . .  PlantingDay09d

Thanks to all those who helped to remove a mountain of weeds and move another mountain of mulch today.

update (May 17, 2009):  Here’s the thank-you sent this morning by Jennifer Wells to the Historic Stockade Yahoo Group:

I would like to thank David for pitching in yesterday and his wonderful blog.  I also extend thanks to Greg Sauer, David and Barbara Marhafer, Mike from North Street, new neighbors Greg and Debra – hope everyone got to meet this wonderful couple- Carol Delamarter, Mary Delasandro, Frank Gilmore, Debbie Lambeth, Susannah Sherwood, Jennifer and Larry Schmidt, Gloria Kishton, Bev Elander, Chris Waldron, Ellen Desmond, Joan Bessarbbe, Mabel Leon, Lyn Gordon, Beth and Elizabeth Petta, and all the wonderful Union College Crew who worked so hard.  Thank you all to those too, who helped and I may have forgotten to mention by name.

We had a wonderful day, got most of the work done and it was just a pleasure to see all who came out to help.  For me, this aspect of a neighborhood working together to make a better place for all of us gives my spirit a lift!

Thank you again.

Jennifer Wells
Dutch Valley Network
(formerly Data.Genesis)

PlantingDay09b . . .

. . . and a thoughtful thankyou message from Ellen Desmond:

“A special thanks also to neighbors Stephen and Cathy Boese for their work on our Ingersoll Avenue entrance garden and tennis court gardens. Cathy designed, supplied plants for, and installed the new tennis court Hosta garden. Lovely and serene. Stephen mulched both gardens.  Three Union crew women installed all entrance garden annuals. Their design. Awesome, and great teamwork.”

PlantingDay09mulch Jennifer and her helpers will give me (and many, many others) months of pleasure in the park again this summer and fall — and will surely inspire a snapshot or two for suns along the mohawk.


  1. David,
    Thanks for calling attention to one of the finest aspects of our neighborhood.

  2. Thanks, Bev. I forgot to mention Cosmos at the Stockade Inn.

  3. Thank you, David, for capturing these Stockade Moments.

    • You are most welcome, Jennifer. Again, thanks for all you do to beautify our neighborhood.

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