Posted by: David Giacalone | February 4, 2010

icy debris clutters Riverside Park after last week’s flood

You may have seen tv news accounts about the massive ice floes and debris left behind by last week’s Mohawk River flood (see our posting on Jan. 26).  The sights are well worth a stroll down to Riverside Park (but step carefully and don’t forget your ice grips or YakTrax).

Pictures are far more eloquent than words, and I’m going to merely post some of my favorite shots, taken yesterday (Feb. 3, 2010) in the Park. [find more ice floe leftovers in this post from Cucumber Alley.]  As always, click on a photo for a larger version and scroll over it for a description.

. .

. . .

. .

. . . ..

p.s. Don’t miss “eerie ice floes invade Cucumber Alley” . . .


  1. I have a video of my dog walking around the ice chunks to music do you want it?

    • Thanks for the offer, Bob. I hope to see the video for my own enjoyment, but I do not have the capacity to post a video on this no-cost weblog. I have not purchased the video upgrade.

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