Posted by: David Giacalone | February 4, 2010

eerie ice floes invade Cucumber Alley

– ice floes left behind by the Jan. 26 flood on the banks of the Mohawk at the rear yard of 1 Cucumber Alley –

. .

– scene at rear of 4 Cucumber Alley looking toward Gateway Landing –

ice slabs cover the Gateway Landing near the riverbank at 4 Cucumber Alley –

. . .

– ice chunk debris in the lower yard behind 1 Cucumber Alley, on a slope where Bob and Sylvie Briber stood last June –

A week after our January flood along the Mohawk, the ice slabs left behind by the receding river at the end of Cucumber Alley make for spooky-pretty scenes and speculation about their half-lives.

. . .

– looking toward the Western Gateway Bridge across the flood debris ice floes in the yard of 1 Cucumber Alley –

. . . 

– the yard at 4 Cucumber Alley (with snowmen) seen before and after the flood and ice floe invasion –

They make for dramatic scenes, but the remarkably flat and large ice floes are an intimidating reminder of the power of nature and our humble inability to control it.

Finally, near sunset last night, I snapped the shot below at the end of my backyard, at 10-16 Washington Ave., which is right next door to 1 Cucumber Alley.  A mountain of ice has filled in the usual drop-off slope to the river and is higher than the river bank. [The photo at the head of this paragraph shows a more typical arrangement of river and riverbank at the rear of 10 – 16 Washington Ave.]

p.s. For lots of photos of the ice floes left by the flood in Riverside Park, go to this posting.


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