Posted by: David Giacalone | February 14, 2010

a flock of Valentine flamingos again visits Lawrence

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– the annual flock of 14 pink flamingos again visits Lawrence on Valentine’s Day –

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. . At sunrise this morning, some Stockadians were satisfied to catch a glimpse or maybe to snap a few photos of this year’s flock of Valentine Flamingos at Lawrence’s Circle.  Others were hoping to find a Valentine brunch, and perhaps some romance.  Naturally, I came with my camera and was pleased to discover that the mystery flamboyance of flamingos had indeed appeared once again this year. [click on a photo for a larger version]

– check out the 2011 flamingo visitation, too –

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If you are not familiar with the great Stockade Valentine Flamingo mystery, you can read about it and find more photos at my old weblog, f/k/a.  See 2008 Stockade Flamingo Story, a piece written before I had a camera.  And, “Valentine flamingos return to the Stockade” (2009), written just after I acquired my Canon Powershot. The f/k/a posts include a few haiku especially written by two well-known haiku poets, Roberta Beary and Ed Markowski, to celebrate our Valentine flamingos.

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Don’t forget the Valentine singalong at 10 AM today, at the Circle.  Join in with your neighbors on a chorus or two of “My Funny Valentine.” [update, 10 PM: Click to see video coverage of the Flamingos, including the sing-along, from Capital News9.] And, of course, many thanks again this year to the Stockade mystery flamingo ranchers who have made it a custom to brighten our Valentine’s Day.


  1. Only in the Stockade!
    How fortunate I am to live here.

    • Thanks for adding to the unique ambiance, Beverly.

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