Posted by: David Giacalone | February 21, 2010

a snow day (plus a crow night)

. . .

– a train trestle over Erie Blvd. & the Stockade’s Union St. entryway (Feb. 16, 2010) –

. . . Like an old dog needing a pit stop, it seems I went from fire hydrant to fire hydrant as I strolled back from the Central Library to the Stockade last Tuesday.  You  may recall that we had snow falling virtually all day on Tuesday, February 16 — a rare event for this winter.   With low cloud cover and a constant, thick shower of snow flurries, it was a day dominated by grayscale tones, producing lovely scenes, which I decided to “enhance” here and there with a spot of red.

Keeping snowflakes off my lens is a skill I have not fully refined, but I nonetheless came up with a few images that seem worth sharing.  (As always, click on a photo for a larger, sharper image and scroll over it for a description.)

. . .

– the Van Dyck parking lot & 220 Union St. –

– Front St. near Church St and Governor’s Lane –

– the scene of  from the end of Governor’s Lane – Feb. 16, 2010 –

. . .


. . .

– Lawrence’s entryway banner and his Circle on a snowy Tuesday –

While snapping my way back home, I was distracted by scenes created when the snowfall combined with our Stockade church steeples.  They needed no dollop of red to complete the picture.

. . 1st Presbyterian steeple from N. Ferry St.

. . .

– 1st Reform Church’s steeple seen from N. Church near Front St. –

– St. George’s steeple seen from N. Ferry St. –

Because many visitors come to this site for the pretty colors, I’m going to close this posting with a few sunset photos taken from a Front St. backyard on Monday, February 8, 2010.  I was attracted outside with my camera by a giant swarm of crows rising from the trees and crossing in front of a tinted eastern sunset sky that was etched with stark limbs and trunks.  Unfortunately, the unruly crows were worse than crabby kids, refusing to cooperate by crossing the sunset in the numbers that had originally caught my eye.  Nonetheless, there were a few photos I’m going to post for the record (and to remind myself not to dawdle when I see a scene worth capturing).

. . .

. . .


  1. Lawrence in a mantle of white–how lovely!

    • Thanks, Beverly. You inspired me to make a detail photo of Lawrence in his snow mantle. I added a tiny version of it above. See the full-size photo here.

  2. David,

    These Photos Are Excellent

    The Snowstorm Shots Especially …..

    Ghost Stories
    Snowflakes Spin Into
    The Mohawk River


  3. thanks for stopping by and for your favorable review, Ed.

    and, especially thank you for leaving us an original haiku about the Mohawk from a very original haiku poet.

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