Posted by: David Giacalone | April 23, 2010

crabapple blossoms finally catch my eye [with Riverside Park update]

. . . crabapple blossoms found alongside 22 N. Church St. in the Schenectady Stockade . . .

Until a far-more observant friend than I pointed them out Thursday morning, I had never noticed the apple blossoms and crimson leaves on the row of young trees bordering Franca DiCrescenzo’s home at the corner of N. Church St. and Front Street.  Happily, my camera was in my ToughTraveler bag, and I was able to capture the blossoms at their peak of beauty.  They pleased me enough to warrant a posting of their own, despite all the other things blooming at the end of April in the Stockade.

– Just click on the photos to see a larger version of the trees in their glory –

– a man strolls up a lovely section of Front St. toward Lawrence Circle –

. . .

. . .

Saturday Supplement from Riverside Park (April 24, 2010): Although I had tulips on my mind this morning, I came across a few crabapple trees in the flower beds at the western end of Riverside Park, near Washingon Ave. deadend.  Naturally, I could not pass them by without snapping a few more blooming crabapple shots:

. . .

– the view south (R) and north from a lovely Riverside Park crabapple tree –

. . . finally: blending in with a lovely crowd:

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