Posted by: David Giacalone | October 20, 2011

Stockade Home Market is coming soon [update: is open; then, gone]

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 – the venerable Arthur’s Market sign was replaced today (Oct. 20) with a handsome new one for the Stockade Home Market at the Lawrence Circle and Polachek Square –

(update: Oct. 24, 2011): they’re open for business . .

Sunshine replaced pouring rain this morning just as the new Stockade Home Market sign was hung outside the former Arthur’s Market, across from Lawrence the Indian.  A lot of us have been waiting a long time, it seems, for a new market to open at 35 N. Ferry St. in the Schenectady Stockade — the location that has been a market and community gathering place almost continuously since 1795. [click for the Google Map page]

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– while Guiseppe of the Sign Studio in Troy was putting up the new sign, Maein was helping workmen prepare store fixtures –

  Maein Nagi, the friendly young manager of the new market, is working hard to put all the facets of a modern market and convenience store in place in time to have his Grand Opening on Monday morning, October 24, 2011. Thanks to an interview yesterday with Maein by the tireless Stockade Spy editor Sylvie Briber, I learned that Maein came to America from Yemen 8 years ago, and has five years’ experience with grocery and deli stores.  He plans to open the market daily from 6 AM to 9 PM.

As you can see from the photos in the following Slideshow (repeated in the Gallery below, where you can click on an image for a larger version, or scroll over it for a description), the Stockade Home Market will have fresh fruit and vegetables, a coffee bar, a deli counter and grill, lots of cold beverages (no beer), an ATM machine, snacks, and a nice supply of groceries.  Maein has already placed a large envelope at the fruitstand that he hopes visitors will use to give him requests and comments to make the store better, and he told me he’s looking for someone to hire to make homemade soup, sandwiches, etc.  Sylvie will have more details in the November Spy. As I learn more about the store and its services, I will update this posting.

update (Oct. 25, 2011): The Gazette gave the market’s opening a nice spread in today’s newspaper.  (Kathleen Moore, “Reopened Stockade market sells basics,” online by subscription).

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– deli counter & fresh produce stand –

follow-up (Friday, October 28, 2011): My visit this afternoon to the Market found an optimistic and grateful Maein, plus a well-filled deli-counter and fresh fruit and vegetable stand.  Click to see the fresh produce price list, the list of subs and coldcuts, and a portion of the deli display.  I even got to have a cup of coffee ($1.00!) and a muffin with Sylvie, who brought over the November Spy, which features the new Market on the front page.

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  I send Maein my best wishes and hope to see him often and for many years at a spot that becomes a new Stockade tradition — a focal point for neighbors to meet and a convenient source of necessities, staples, treats, and community cheer.

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 . . The above photos can be seen in the following Gallery.

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  1. I miss the old sign already but the new one really does look nice and I like the name. I think it fits in, just needs a little weathering! :) Good job with the sign and the store looks nice too. Good luck to Maein!

    • Yes, I agree, Michelle, that the name for the store is most apt and a good omen. For the time being, I’m liking the non-weathered look of the sign.

  2. Is that a French symbol on the sign? They are not satisfied with terrorizing us once? The horror.

    • I smiled at the fleur de lis when I first noticed it. I sure hope it doesn’t irk Lawrence too much. Of course, if it suggests a cross between the Boy Scouts and the Three Musketeers, it should be quite inspiring. Don’t pay any attention to the Priory of Scion myth.

  3. I am so excited and I love the way it is unfolding! let’s do our best to help Mr. Nagi to respond well to our collective needs. Best of luck to him in his enterprise!

  4. Oh boy! Thanks for the photo spread and news! I’m very glad there’s a market in that spot again. And it’s nice that they are immigrants… it’s the tradition for that store, right?

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