Posted by: David Giacalone | July 3, 2013

Old Glory in the Stockade (with July 4th updates)

29Front-2010Walkabout  In honor of Independence Day, I’ve collected images of the American flag taken over the past few years here in the Stockade, [with occasional additions, as merited].

Some folks hang Old Glory at their front door daily to honor their nation.  Others save it for holidays and other special occasions, to emphasize the importance of the day.  Either way, there does seem to be something glorious about those red and white stripes and the blue field of stars.

It’s only recently that I’ve focused on the flags themselves when taking a photo, rather than having them as an incidental backdrop or splash of color.  I plan to pay more attention to Old Glory itself from now on, and to remember the history and values it symbolizes.

Below is a collage I put together with photos of the American flag being flown in the Stockade neighborhood.  Below that is a slideshow with those images (or the original photo from which the detail was taken), plus a few additional shots.  Please have a memorable and enjoyable 4th of July.


– above: Old Glory seen in the Stockade [click on the collage for a larger version] –

4Jul2013-109UnionSt update (Midnight, July 4, 2013):  This posting inspired me to set out late in the morning of July 4th to photograph USA flags being flown in the Stockade. About two dozen photos have been added to the slideshow below.

4Jul2013-20NChurch . . .  4Jul2013-217Union

– a few of the flags flown on July 4, 2013 –



This slideshow requires JavaScript.



203 Union St. – 04Jul2013



– 4 Washington Ave. – 04Jul2013-


. flag at 9 Washington Ave. looking toward the River – 04Jul2013 .

. . July 4th 2013 Collage (click to enlarge) . 4thJuly2013Flags

update (July 4, 2016): Here are three recent favorites:




Old Glory & Pride — at the YWCA – Flag Day 2016



 p.s. Speaking of history and values and celebrations, this afternoon many members of our Stockade community will be at the Van Dyck restaurant to celebrate the life of James D. “Jim” Schmitt, who died this week at the age of 87.  The article about Jim in yesterday’s Albany Times Union (“James D. Schmitt, who helped revitalize the Stockade, dies at 87,” July 2, 2013) tells of some of the many reasons why Jim is thanked, admired and loved for all he has done for the Stockade.  More than usual, it is safe to say that “he will be sorely missed and fondly remembered”.  And, if you have a subscription, see the informative article in the Gazette, dated July 1, 2013.

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