Posted by: David Giacalone | July 12, 2013

a very good sign at Arthur’s

follow-up (Nov. 8, 2013): Richard Genest has taken over the job of renewing Arthur’s Market.  Among many other improvements prior to the re-opening, the old sign has been refurbished:



original posting:

Arthurs12Jul2013sign2. . .  Arthurs12Jul2013sign

– the iconic Arthur’s Market sign is back  –

On October 20, 2011, I witnessed and photographed the removal of the old Arthur’s Market sign, and its replacement with a sign for the prematurely-closed Stockade Home Market. (see our posting “Stockade Home Market is coming soon“)  At the time, I was pleased that landlord Artur Wachala decided to store rather than discard the old sign.

  . . . 

– the retired sign, October 20, 2011 –

Rumors around the neighborhood over the past few weeks had me optimistic that the store at 35 N. Ferry St. would not remain vacant for long, after the recently-aborted Stockade Home Market venture.  Driving past the corner yesterday, I saw a very good sign: the original Arthur’s Market sign that we all knew so well is back hanging at the corner of N. Ferry and Front Streets, at the Lawrence Circle.  So, I came back after dinner to snap a few shots. See photos at top of this posting and below.

Today, I contacted Joyce Wachala to ask about their plans for the market space, saying there has been a buzz about her returning with her luncheon and deli specialties.  Joyce wrote back:

Thanks David! Arthurs12Jul2013window1
We are in the process of cleaning up the Market and hoping to open in the near future. I will not announce any opening date until all is in place. Please feel free to check out Arthur’s on Facebook. Thanks again and I hope to see you very soon in the Stockade!!
Arthurs12Jul2013window3 . . . Arthurs12Jul2013window2
– the neighborhood is reflected in the window’s of the “under revival” Arthur’s Market  (click on an image for a larger version) –

Arthurs12Jul2013doorway  Taking Joyce’s suggestion to check out the Arthur’s Public Market Facebook Page, I saw that they had placed a photo detail from the old sign in the masthead of their Facebook page earlier today.  And, I noticed that yesterday (July 11) Joyce had posted this message:

“Arthur’s clean up has begun! Look for the re-opening of our deli soon! Same awesome sandwiches, fresh coffee and always something new. Tables are back and we welcome our neighborhood residents, friends and the general public into the heart of the Stockade once again.”

Yes, our hearts have been broken before with expectations about revived enterprises in the Arthur’s Market space, but I hope we’ve all learned our lesson about the need to patronize any business we would like to see succeed.  And, I bet Joyce and Artur have been watching closely and have learned lessons of their own that will make their second try the beginning of another generations-long version of Arthur’s Market.

By the way, according to GoDaddy, the domain name expired on 6/22/2013 and is available.

. . .

 And, here’s another good sign on North Ferry Street:

StGeoChurch-12Jul2013-roostergone4  Either someone has stolen my favorite Stockade weathercock (see “in praise of Stockade weathercocks“), or Rev. Blanch’s Steeple Restoration Appeal is about to bear fruit and we will soon have a gloriously re-gilded rooster above the steeple of St. George’s Church on No. Ferry St.

 . . . StGeoChurch-12Jul2013-roostergone1

– St. George’s weathervane on (L) 12/12/2012 and (R) 07/12/2013 (click to enlarge image)-

StGeo12Jul2013MenWorking Above If you’ve been past the Church the past few weeks, you surely noticed that work is in progress on the Steeple.  The “Men Working Above” signs let us speculate about any divine assistance for this worthy project.  I’m looking forward to snapping some nice “(here)after” shots of the restored steeple and weathercock.

StGeoChurch-12Jul2013-roostergone3 . . . StGeoChurch-12Jul2013-roostergone2boom

– restoration project in progress – 12Jul2013 –

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