Posted by: David Giacalone | September 18, 2013

the 2013 Walkabout houses


– 215 Union Street, the Edward Ellis House/Turnbull House –

– update: find 50 photos from the 2013 Walkabout here

9Wash-entry  People seems curious this year as to whether there will be a Stockade Walkabout, and especially if there will be houses to enter and explore this time.  I’m happy to tell those who don’t yet know that the 53rd Stockade Walkabout will take place (as always) on the last Saturday of September, which is the 28th this year, from 11 AM to 5 PM, rain or shine; and there will be a fine selection of eight homes, including a gorgeous mansion, open to Walkabout ticket-holders.

You can get more details, including ticket-purchasing information at the Association’s Walkabout ticket page, and at the Stockade Walkabout 2013 Facebook Page.

As always, click on a photo for a larger version.  Scroll over it for a description.


 Sylvie Briber, chair of the 2013 Walkabout Committee of the Stockade Association tells me there is a lot of enthusiasm for the show and the houses selected.  Here’s the list of homes on the tour:

1 Union Street, The Isaac I. Yates Tenant House
9 Washington Avenue, The William C. Vrooman House
15 Front Street, The Wallace S. Clark House
111 Union Street, The Giles van der Bogert House
14 North Ferry Street, The Jemmie Boyd/Isaac DeGraff House

215Union-2 . . .

215 Union Street, The Edward Ellis Mansion
232 Union Street, The David B. Engleman House
234 Union Street, the Mary Cochran Ellis House

14NFerry-chimney2  . . . 14NFerry-2june

– 14 No. Ferry Street – a work with plenty of progress –

update: 14 No. Ferry St. was not quite ready to greet Walkabouters, but 58 Washington Ave. was added to the Tour:

58WashAv1 . . entry of 58 Washington Ave. - 2013 Stockade Walkabout - 28Sep2013

You will find images of each of these homes in the following slideshow, which includes the photos from the back page of the September Stockade Spy,  and also in the Gallery at the foot of this posting, where you can click on a  thumbnail for a larger image.  Of course, the highlights of the Walkabout for most participants are the many details disclosed by the docents and found inside the open buildings.  I wasn’t able to get inside, but I believe the exteriors promise intriguing stories and interiors.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.






Below is a Gallery with the photos from the Slideshow.  Click on a thumbnail for a larger version.

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