Posted by: David Giacalone | September 28, 2013

walking proud (Walkabout 2013)

mIMG_1935   It was a day of colors and conviviality, with weather universally hailed as “perfect”, and not a discouraging word heard (by me, at least) all day. The bright sun and blues skies, and playful shadows, made for my favorite kind of day for shooting photos.  And, my “Walkabout Photographer” badge made ticket holders and volunteers more patient and smiling than ever.

IMG_1956– half of Liaisons Plaisantes warms up on the lawn of 1st Reformed Church –

WALKA2013SINGSYLVIE The 2013 Stockade Walkabout Committee chair, Sylvie Briber, had a lot to sing about, and I heard people singing the praises of the Walkabout all around the neighbor hood.  So, please let me speak for all those without weblogs who enjoyed this special day in the Stockade: Warm thanks to the homeowners who opened their lovely and lovingly tended homes; to Sylvie, the Walkabout Committee (Joe Fava, Carol DeLaMater, Karen Mallia, Susannah Hand, Diane DeMeo, and Colleen Macaulay), and all the volunteers; to all Sponsors; and to the large number of the curious and appreciative who purchased tickets and made all the efforts worthwhile. Click for the Walkabout 2013 Facebook Page.

The colors came in all hues and forms.  The Slideshow below has about 50 photos, shown in the order I took them this morning and afternoon.  The same photos can be found in a Gallery at the bottom of this posting; click on the Gallery thumbnails for larger versions of the images.



– backyard of 232 Union St. –



– 111 Union St. –

mIMG_1924. . it was a day to welcome visitors . . mIMG_1979-001

IMG_1923– I very much enjoyed the blown-up vintage photos seen around the Stockade today –


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


mIMG_2051 .  .  . IMG_2010


. . 14 N. Ferry wasn’t quite ready to be on the tour today; we’re waiting for next year, Robin..



– owner Donna Thomas [R] and docent Carolyn Jordan waiting to show 234 Union St. –

– You can see more photos of the houses on the Tour in our posting last week. 

Bonus: see my Walkabout 2013 Outtakes, too. –

mIMG_2062 The Gallery below contains all the photos shown in the Slideshow.


  1. Great pictures David. Thank you for sharing!

    • thanks to you for your many compliments, Michelle

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