Posted by: David Giacalone | October 18, 2013

the view from across the Mohawk


– Riverside Park Esplanade and Pump House seen from Scotia – click on a photo for a larger version



Burr Bridge abutment – Scotia

   Until yesterday, the first time and only time I have photographed the Stockade from across the Mohawk River, at Scotia’s Washington Avenue and its Burr Bridge abutment, was Labor Day of 2009.  See the posting here. At the time, I was content with my Canon PowerShot’s 12x optical zoom.  When it needed to be replaced, the comparable PowerShot had a 35x optical zoom, and it quickly spoiled me.  So, I’ve been waiting for a blue-sky day to visit the Scotia Burr Abutment to see how grand the Stockade looks from Scotia on a sunny autumn day.  I was not disappointed, and I hope you won’t be either.


– a wide view of the Stockade from the end of Washington Ave. in Scotia –


– the bridge abutment at the end of Schenectady’s Washington Ave.  –



The photos in this Slideshow can also be found in the Gallery below it.  Click on a Gallery thumbnail for a larger version of any image.

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Scotia17Oct2013-SchonoweeWashAvSign . . . Scotia17Oct2013-WashAvAbut

– above: the photos in this webpost were taken from right around here –

– thumbnails of all photos from the Slideshow are in the Gallery below


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