Posted by: David Giacalone | October 17, 2013

familiar shadows (on Campbell Row)

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30SepShadows-fromCucOne of my favorites scenes in the Stockade starts just a few yards from my front door: the play of light and shadows before sunset on the front of Washington Avenue homes, on the west side of the block (from No. 17 to No. 27), between Front and Union Streets, catercorner from the entry of Cucumber Alley. The core of the row of homes is called Campbell Row. It is across from the County Historical Society. I can see it from my front stoop, but I also come at that wonderful stretch of colors and beautiful homes from the other (Union Street) end of the block, and I bet (and hope) there are many others who enjoy the sight on their way home from work or on a stroll after dinner


When I encounter the pre-sunset view turning onto Washington Avenue from Union Street, my camera is usually at home.  But, a couple days before the Walkabout, I visited 58 Washington Avenue for a quick photo-shoot, and had my camera with me, as a special show of the shadow magic was on stage.  This posting has photos taken that day (September 24, 2013), and also on September 30, when I started from the Front St. end of the block. There are eight photos in the Slideshow below. [Folks at Schenectady County like the image above this paragraph enough to borrow it for the masthead of their Tax Map Page.]


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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