Posted by: David Giacalone | November 9, 2013

Stockade-athon photos from the Stockade district

Circle11 . . . Stockade-M4M5 We hope you will enjoy the many hundreds of images that have been posted at “suns along the Mohawk” since 2009, covering the Stockade-athon as it passes through our lovely Stockade neighborhood, which is between mile markers 4 and 5.  Lawrence Circle, with the statue of Lawrence the Indian, is approximately the half-way point of the 15K race. [Update/Correction: see Stockade-athon 2014 abandons Lawrence and trivializes the Stockade (Nov. 8, 2014)]

For our Stockade-athon coverage, click on any (or all) of these links:

original posting at this URL [Nov. 9, 2013]:

a preview and welcome to Stockade-athon 2013″:


– above: images from the 2012 Stockade-athon as it passed through the Stockade neighborhood (click on the collage for a larger version) –

Welcome to all the runners who will be racing in tomorrow’s 38th Stockade-athon 15K Road Race.  Over the last few years, you’ve given me some very enjoyable moments, observing the race from my Stockade district neighborhood.  And, you helped set records at this weblog for most visits.

  You’ve probably already visited the official Gazette-Stockade-athon website, and eyed the Course Map.

If you missed it last year, check out John Splendido’s list of things to love about the Stockade-athon at the Times Union‘s Runners Blog.  I bet you’ll be nodding your head in agreement.

 There are lots of places in Schenectady to fill up with pasta tonight. Tomorrow, as always, you can expected a warm welcome and hardy encouragement-cum-admiration along the streets of the Stockade neighborhood, with cheering fans, flags, ringing bells, and signs this morning.  Lawrence the Indian’s Circle is the heart of the neighborhood and approximately the halfway point of the race and attracts many spectators.  If the sun is out, you’ll be bathed in its warm glow as you enter the Circle.

 Check back here at suns along the Mohawk Sunday afternoon and evening for scores of Stockade photos from this year’s race.  When that post is up, you’ll be able to find it at the top of our home page and at

Click here for last year’s results.

 Best wishes to the runners of all age, sizes and skill-levels who will again make the Stockade-athon a premiere 15K road race, with heart, stamina, and camaraderie, plus an occasional dash of fun.

preHalfway . . .

– a neighborly welcome from the Stockade –

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